Bayreuth Festival 2019

Immerse yourself in the music of Richard Wagner

I am Opus Nigrum. I was born at the Bayreuth Festival in 2015. My work is a Sapientiae Aeternae Amphitheater. My creations are from chaos and darkness, they are revealed and come alive, trapped in lightning, graffiti and fabric; severe pain immobilizes, crucifies and redeems them in the New World. To me it is a secret in itself that my works do not stay on canvas or paper but rather penetrate the raw material until they become almost three-dimensional as real sculptures. It is not surprising that in the creative process, in addition to oil painting, acrylic, graphite, fabric, paper, gold or mica (natural mineral), all materials top quality, such as Rembrandt oils, 100% cotton or linen, golden paints … Because the alchemical process must be authentic.
The main goal of the alchemists was to be transformed, so is my process. One of my biggest inspirations when drawing is listening to Richard Wagner’s Music. For me, his Music symbolizes the power of change, the transmutation that leads me to merge my being with the work and transform it. The work must be in my own being, now more than drawing, I have created a new way of understanding space through drawing.

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